A match made in heaven

Imagine you had a compact system in your print shop that both cleans your press components and removes contaminants from your valuable solvents. Imagine this system consisted of a highly innovative industrial washing machine and one of the most efficient distillation units. And now imagine that we have been building such compact systems since 1969. Because we know that you can really use them.

The RENZMANN washing machine 3400-e. Scrubs up well.

Whether you want to clean press components such as ink troughs or doctor blades, or miscellaneous parts like buckets, cans or other small containers – the 3400-e takes it all and returns it to a state of sparkling cleanness. The washing machine is safe and very easy to use: It opens conveniently to the front, with the door held open by a counterweight, and it only works when closed. Just put the parts you want to clean into the basket, close the door and start the program. Needless to say, the 3400-e is designed to offer optimum washing and energy efficiency.

The RENZMANN distillation unit ROTO-9. Delivers a tidy profit.

Our ROTO-9 recovers up to 95% of your used solvent. A good bargain for you – and for the environment: Because this form of recycling considerably reduces the quantity of new solvent that must be produced. And our ROTO-9 unit is a real hero when it comes to getting the most out of your solvent. With batch distillation, a filling capacity of 140 l and a boiler capacity of 300 l, the unit recovers between 30 and 60 liters of solvent per hour, aided by a 9 kW electric heating system.

Trust in a compact system with a spotless record.

They're in it together – used in combination, our two systems 3400-e + ROTO-9 are simply unbeatable. The compact system represents a closed circuit that is largely automated, thanks in part to a dual-chamber container that holds 1000 liters of used solvent and an equal quantity of distillate. It allows the used solvent generated by the washing machine to be pumped into the distillation unit and reintroduced into the circuit after distillation.

By the way: The closed system gives off no emissions whatsoever and is extremely maintenance- and user-friendly. Happy cleaning.

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