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Active environmental protection with distillation units by D.W. RENZMANN

27.04.2016: The ROTOmaX-e 20 minimizes solvent costs and waste.

The ROTOmaX-e 20 minimizes solvent costs and waste.

Monzingen, 27. April 2016 – D.W. RENZMANN, manufacturer of washing machines and distillation units for the graphic arts industry, will exhibit the new ROTOmaX-e 20 for sustainable solvent recovery at the drupa 2016 (hall 16, stand D39). The powerful distillation unit minimizes disposable waste, thereby contributing to active environmental protection.

Climate and immission protection regulations make specific demands on cleaning processes, such as the restrictive use of solvents. The new ROTOmaX-e vaporizes and condenses used solvent in a sustainable process, minimizing the quantity of highly viscous waste. Once the solvent in the distillation vessel reaches a predefined level, distillation starts automatically. The solvent is heated via an insulated, level heating floor (20 kW) until it boils and vaporizes. At a distillation rate of 60–120 l/h, the ROTOmaX-e needs only a little over two hours to distill 250 liters of used solvent. At the end of the distillation process, approx. 94 percent of the high-quality solvent can be reused in various areas.

Fully automated distillation
Once the solvent in the boiler reaches a predefined level, filling stops automatically and distillation begins. An agitator with scrapers (rotor) keeps the heating surfaces free of residues and ensures an optimum heat transfer at all times. After condensation, the rotor automatically transports the reduced residue into a disposal container – manual intervention or cleaning is not required. The easy-to-read display of the ROTOmaX-e shows the heating temperature, filling quantity, refilling quantity, residue quantity and distilled solvent quantity at a single glance.

Waste reduction cuts costs
The ROTOmaX-e is a highly efficient system that recovers up to 94 percent of the used solvent, which can then be reused for cleaning. This greatly reduces the need for fresh, expensive solvent, eliminates transportation costs and minimizes the effort and cost involved in residue disposal. Users profit not just by lower expenses; they also make an important contribution to the protection of our environment.

The robust and cost-effective distillation unit comes in two additional sizes besides the ROTOmaX-e 20: The ROTOmaX-e 15 has a filling capacity of 200 liters and a distillation rate of 45–90 l/h, while the ROTOmaX-e 30 can distill up to 400 liters at a rate of 90–180 l/h. The distillation rate depends on the type of solvent that needs to be distilled.

More solutions for a "clean" printing process
Visitors stopping by stand D39 in hall 16 will also get the chance to see other time- and costsaving cleaning systems. They can learn first-hand about the capabilities of the new FlexPlateCleaner, which offers fast and gentle cleaning of flexographic printing plates, or take a look at a washing machine 3400-e for cleaning press parts, ink pans, doctor blades or buckets. In addition to providing information and answering questions, the staff will make sure that guests are not left without refreshment: RENZMANN has prepared a selection of delicious wines for visitors to enjoy in a modern "enoteca"-style setting

About D.W. RENZMANN Apparatebau GmbH
D.W. RENZMANN GmbH develops and manufactures industrial washing machines and solvent distillation units for eco-friendly and efficient cleaning of flexographic printing plates. With more than 40 years of experience in the business, the ATEX-certified manufacturer is a competent partner for the removal of highly adhesive residues from press components and accessories. The medium-sized company located in Monzingen, in south-western Germany, also specializes in the handling of flammable solvents and aggressive cleaning agents. In addition to developing, manufacturing and marketing cleaning and distillation systems, D.W. RENZMANN GmbH offers a comprehensive range of services and advice relating to industrial cleaning processes. With an international network of more than 75 agencies and sales partners, D.W. RENZMANN Apparatebau GmbH serves its customers around the world.

For more details, please contact Ms. Heike Beenen, phone: +49 (0)6751 878-290, beenen[at]dw-renzmann.de and visit our website: www.dw-renzmann.de

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