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Sustainable cleaning solutions save time and money

03.2016: RENZMANN's presentation at the Drupa trade show focuses on powerful cleaning and distillation systems that combine eco-friendliness and efficiency.

RENZMANN's presentation at the Drupa trade show focuses on powerful cleaning and

distillation systems that combine eco-friendliness and efficiency.

Monzingen, March 2016: Shorter print runs and frequent job changes mean that print shops  have to wash greater quantities of press components and accessories. That is why many of  them are looking for more efficient ways of cleaning ink-carrying press parts. At stand D39 in  Hall 16, RENZMANN, a manufacturer of washing machines and distillation units for the  graphic arts industry, focuses on optimizing industrial washing processes. RENZMANN  presents solutions for a "clean" printing process as well as systems that ensure time- and  cost-saving cleaning of press parts.

Reuse printing plates immediately – with the FlexPlateCleaner
The FlexPlateCleaner cleans and dries flexographic printing plates using a fast and highly  automated process. The system comes with a patented transport system that allows the  speed of the plates to be regulated individually via a manual potentiometer. The contact  pressure of the washing rollers is automatically adjusted to the thickness of the plate. After  cleaning, the plates are immediately ready for reuse.

A neat solution – the washing machine 3400-e
The next generation of the washing machine model 3400 meets the highest efficiency and  safety requirements, for a very competitive price. The explosion-proof and ATEX-compliant  machine cleans press parts, ink pans, doctor blades and buckets using spray pipes that  oscillate around their longitudinal axis. Short spraying distances and a powerful pump  ensure optimal cleaning results. The washing machine 3400-e makes do without any  accessories and wins additional points for its robust and maintenance-friendly design.

Active environmental protection – the ROTOmaX-e distillation unit
Climate and immission protection regulations make specific demands on cleaning processes,  especially if they involve solvents. The ROTOmaX-e 20 distillation unit has a distillation  output between 60 and 120 liters of solvent per hour and achieves an excellent recovery  rate of approximately 94 percent. By minimizing the quantity of highly viscous, disposable  residue, the unit cuts both disposal and solvent costs and actively contributes to protecting  our environment.

About D.W. RENZMANN Apparatebau GmbH
D.W. RENZMANN GmbH develops and manufactures industrial washing machines and  solvent distillation units for eco-friendly and efficient cleaning of flexographic printing plates.  With more than 40 years of experience in the business, the ATEX-certified manufacturer is a  competent partner for your cleaning needs, especially if they involve the removal of strongly  adhesive residues from press components and accessories. The medium-sized company  located in Monzingen, in south-western Germany, also specializes in the handling of  flammable solvents and aggressive cleaning agents. In addition to the development,  manufacture and sale of cleaning and distillation systems, D.W. RENZMANN GmbH offers its  customers a comprehensive range of services and advice relating to industrial cleaning  processes. With an international network of more than 75 agencies and sales partners, D.W.  RENZMANN Apparatebau GmbH serves its customers around the world.

For more details, please contact Ms. Heike Beenen, phone: +49 (0)6751 878-290, beenen[at]dw-renzmann.de

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