Distillation unit type ROTOmaX

ROTOmaX components

  • Cylindrical, vacuum-tight distillation boiler consisting of an insulated dome (stainless steel) with a heating floor (standard steel) flanged to the bottom
  • Insulated, flat heating floor for heating with steam (10 bar, 185°C max), consisting of a double-walled plate, ensures an excellent heat transfer and full heating capacity regardless of the solvent level in the boiler
  • Steam generator flanged to the heating floor, operated with electric power or with steam or thermal oil from an on-site network. Direct heating of the floor with steam or warm water is also possible.
  • Water-cooled stainless steel condenser
  • Rotating scraper system (rotor), prevents incrustations on the heating floor, agitates the material to be distilled and keeps the discharge valve clean
  • Dirt-resistant discharge valve, operated manually or pneumatically
  • Unit on sturdy frame with stairs at the side and an observation platform
  • Discharge height adapted to disposal container and/or 200-l-barrel (on a pallet). Other heights are possible.
  • Sight glass and explosion-proof halogen lamp for observing the distillation process
  • Automatic filling stops when a preset filling quantity is reached; the filling quantity is monitored by means of load cells that register the total weight of the distillation boiler; filling stops by means of a pneumatic ball valve in the filling line
  • Batch distillation or continuous distillation possible
  • Control of the heating temperature according to the boiling temperature
  • PLC system and display with readings on heating temperature, filling quantity, refilling quantity, residue quantity, distillate quantity, average distillation output and operating hours


  • Color monitor with graphic display
  • Vacuum unit for lowering process temperatures with a liquid jet vacuum pump
  • Residue temperature control system for processing heat-sensitive substances
  • Sealing plate or sealing hood adapted to on-site disposal container, optionally with an air extraction system
  • Enclosure of the discharge area, including a door; when combined with an air extraction system, this makes it possible to install the unit in an area not protected against explosions
  • Fully automated distillation with automatic residue monitoring in a disposal container monitored by load cells
  • Thermostatic valves if the unit is connected to an on-site cooling/public water supply; separate cooling water devices with separate circuits are available as option.

Type ROTOmaX-W

Prevention of waste water coming from cleaning processes

The ROTOmaX-W distillation unit vaporizes soiled aqueous/alkaline washing and rinsing agents. The condensed clean distillate is admitted back into the rinsing water / washing agent circuit of the cleaning process. There is no waste water. The residue – greatly reduced and concentrated compared to the used quantity of rinsing water / washing agent – is disposed of as hazardous waste.

The two-step distillation with a pre-evaporator reduces the energy consumption per liter of evaporated water by half. Approximately half of the soiled agent is vaporized in the pre-evaporator under normal pressure. The resulting steam (100°C) contains the energy supplied in the pre-evaporator and is piped into the heating floor of the distillation unit. The soiled agent that has been slightly concentrated in the preevaporator is now sucked into the distillation boiler, in which a vacuum has been generated. Due to the vacuum, the boiling temperature in the distillation boiler is reduced to < 60°C. The temperature difference of > 40°C between the boiler contents and the steam (100°C) from the pre-evaporator makes the steam in the heating floor condense and transmit its energy to the contents of the distillation boiler. There, the washing agent is vaporized and concentrated to less than 5% of its original volume.

The pre-evaporator distillate that condensed in the heating floor is sucked into the condenser of the distillation unit and combines with the condensing vapors from the distillation boiler. The distillate cools slightly in the condenser, runs to the vacuum unit and from there into a separate clean water container.

The loss of liquid in the pre-evaporator (half of which is caused by evaporation, the other half by liquid being sucked into the distillation boiler) is compensated for automatically by continuous refilling.

Type ROTOmaX-C

Just connect it to power, cooling water and compressed air:
ROTOmaX-C is ready for operation! No more installation work necessary!

  • high efficient distillation unit (15 – 30 kW, 95% recovery)
  • high performing vacuum
  • two 1000 l solvent containers
  • integrated spill tray
  • components and entire sytem ATEX certified
  • system does not require ex proof surroundings

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