Washing machine type SpeedyFlexPlateCleaner

Technical description

The speedyFlexPlateCleaner completey made of stainless steel, equipped with cleaning media reservoir 40 litres and water reservoir 30 litres, with filling level sensor and filter. Lid with inspection window, automatic input conveyor 1500mm long.

The adoption of the upper transport rollers covered with a special sponge makes the cliché transport extremely smooth and without any friction. Further to this, bottom stainless steel guides of new design, eliminate all cliché jam possibility. New washing detergent pump and new rinsing water pump, horizontally located on a shelf inside the machine, but externally to the detergent and the water reservoirs.

Cleaning process

The first phase of the cleaning process foresees the passage of the cliché through the washing tank where the action of a chemical detergent combined with the action of 3 mechanical brushes (the first and the third one, rotating brushes; the second one, power traverse brush) wash out the ink on the upper side of the cliché.

After a squeezing action, the cliché is dried with hot air. The liquid reservoirs are located in a sliding drawer, allowing easy and quick intervention. The liquid circulation is carried up with a closed loop circuit.

The good repeatability of the quality of the reprint is essential for flexographic printing, as well as reduction of down time of the presses.

RENZMANN AniFlexCleaner is a reliable product with low maintenance effort. It is made to remove all ink types. Short washing cycles and very thorough cleaning ensure clean flexo printing plates for reuse. The unit is easy to operate and equipped with the last generation electronic system with touch screen display.

RENZMANN speedyFlexPlateCleaner: designed to grant a perfect cleaning of flexo plates without damaging any part of it.

Technical data

SpeedyFlexPlateCleaner  466090
Cliché max. widthmm440580880
Cliché min. lengthmm180180180
Max. cliché thicknessmm3,5*3,5*3,5*
Solvent reservoir capacityl404040
Rinsing water reservoir capacityl202020
Electrical inputkW2,545
Working table heightmm900900900

* The machines can also process higher thickness than the maximum standard with a different price, but we must be informed before making the order
** 60 Hz on demand

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