Washing machine type Robus

Type Robus

  • Robust and user-friendly washing machine for inside cleaning of cylindrical and rectangular containers with brushes and simultaneous spraying with solvent, conductive brushes with type examination according to ATEX → no nitrogen inerting required
  • Very good inside cleaning of cylindrical containers with a centrifugal folding brush.
  • Inside cleaning of rectangular containers by a centrifugal brush with long bristles; by pressing a button on a rapid-action coupling, the operator can easily exchange the brush for a centrifugal folding brush
  • Spraying system for washing with circulated solvent and rinsing with clean solvent.
  • The brush is lowered into the container, and the upper container opening closed by the machine lid, by means of a pneumatic lifting frame
  • Position sensor for the lid; spraying and brush rotation do not begin until the lid rests on the container
  • Washing solvent in separate container, level switch for filling and draining
  • Dirt resistant diaphragm pump as washing pump, separate pump for rinsing, pneumatic diaphragm pump for draining
  • Filter with removable basket for protecting the evacuation pump and the solvent tank
  • Flow monitor; the brush rotation does not start until solvent has been sprayed on the container to prevent dry friction
  • Automatic washing program: washing – draining – rinsing – internal air extraction; program steps can be selected individually
  • Explosion protection according to ATEX, category 1 (with type examination) for zone 0 inside, category 2 for zone 1 outside


  • Centrifugal folding brush with active, reinforced contact pressure and much higher driving power, removes even very difficult residues
  • 3D cleaning of rectangular containers with brushes rotating around 2 axes with variable speed and angle, better cleaning of inside container surfaces that are hard to reach for a conventional brush, such as corners, lid and floor
  • Outlet cleaning system, manual or automatic
  • Floor pan for the working area under the lifting frame
  • Pneumatic lifting platform; the suction hose can be connected at a user-friendly height
  • Pneumatic tilting of the machine (with the pneumatic lifting platform), better draining of containers with unfavorable floor/outlet geometry
  • Electric clamping device
  • Internal air extraction system, optionally with warm air drying for nonvolatile solvents
  • Brush housing in the lid, reduced emissions during internal air extraction and drying
  • External air extraction system, supplements/replaces the air extraction in the room/at the workplace
  • Solvent concentration measuring and regulating system for connection to an exhaust air cleaning system

Type Robus-W

like model ROBUS, but with the following differences:

  • Suitable for water-based/alkaline media
  • Heating of the washing agent, heat insulation of the washing agent container
  • Rinsing with water
  • Explosion protection that is adapted to the washing agent with the washed-off contamination and to the requirements of the installation site


Brush with stainless steel bristles

The folding brush is not pressed against the container‘s lateral area just by centrifugal force but also by the driving torque of the brush shaft. The contact pressure on the bottom will also be increased.

The execution of the centrifugal force folding brush with stainless steel bristles can improve the washing result particularly with rough inner surfaces. This can be tested during trials in our show room. NOT suitable for aluminium containers or containers with smooth surfaces (surfaces will be roughed up by the stainless steel bristles).

Type Robus-Hardliner

  • Suitable for alkaline media
  • Dimensions are adapted to customer needs
  • Ex protection according to Atex, category 1 (with type examination) for Zone 0 inside, Category 2 for Zone 1 outside
  • Brush with active brush pressing speed controlled centrifugal folding brush with active, reinforced pressure and significantly increased drive power, especially for removal of very heavy soilings such as silicone sealants.
  • In order to achieve the highest possible mechanical effect, this brush variant is usually equipped with stainless steel bristles.
  • With the version of the centrifugal folding brush with stainless steel bristles the cleaning result can be optimized especially in the case of rough surfaces. This can be tested at Renzmann testing facilities.
  • Not suitable for aluminium containers

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