Visitor regulation during the pandemic (as of 20.10.2020)

We are very pleased to welcome visitors to our premises after the following measures and rules have been set up. In order to make this possible in a permanent matter, we urge our visitors and employees to comply with the following measures and rules:

Organisational measures:

There is an obligation to wear masks in all premises of our company premises. The first exception is the meeting rooms with compliance with the security distance of a least 1.5 m.

The guest toilet on the ground floor of the administration building is closed to employees and is only available to our visitors.

Disinfection dispensers are available in front of the entrance tot he meeting rooms BZ1 and BZ 2 and in the meeting room BZ 3.

Dispensers with disinfection cloths are laid out in the two meeting rooms BZ1 and BZ 3 (equipped with presentation technology).

Rules to be followed for customer visits to our premises:

The total number of participants is limited to SIX (BZ1) or FOUR (BZ2 und BZ3), each customer + RENZMANN.

Immediately after the registration of the visitors at the reception desk, the visitors are required to wash their hands thoroughly in the guest toilet. Visitors are asked to use the guest toilet only.

Our visitors are kindly requested to wear a mouth/nose mask at any time, except for their stay in the meeting rooms.

Company tours with a tour of the production etc. are possible in compliance with the mask obligation.

Before each entrance to the meeting room, the hands have to be disinfected.

Before and after use of the presentation technique, mouse, keyboard, have tob e cleaned with disinfections cloths. The same applies to the presentation technology handed over from one participant to another.

Thank you for your attention
Michael Schneiß


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Coronavirus - Current information regarding visitor regulations
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