Special offer: RENZMANN FlexPlateCleaner FPC-60

€ 12.000,00

(within the EU free of shipping costs, out of EU on request)

Available immediately ex-stock

Thorough and gentle cleaning of flexo printing plates

RENZMANN FlexPlateCleaner: designed to grant a perfect cleaning of flexo plates without
damaging any part of it.

Main features:

  • a great robustness
  • reliability and
  • remarkable performances
  • processing speed 125 s/m

FlexPlateCleanerCleaner is equipped with

  • 2 brushes in the washing section (1 rotating brushes and 1 power traverse
  • brush)
  • squeezing roller
  • closed loop rinsing section with water
  • drying section and
  • double filtering system.
  • A pull-out sliding drawer includes the reservoirs for the detergent and forthe rinsing water. Inside these reservoirs are installed the two respective high capacity re-circulation pumps. In the detergent reservoir, it’s also installed an absolutely special detergent heating device, granting a very high safety protection to the machine.
  • A multifunctions computer with display allows to store, to modify and see all the processing parameters.

Special price: 12.000,00 Euro, including cleaning media and water reservoir, automatic input conveyor (1500 mm), cleaning medium heating, rinsing, multi-functional computer, packing crate, 20 l cleaner.

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