Washing machine type 130

Type 130
Type 130

Type 130

  • Explosion proof device, according to ATEX, for washing with all common solvents
  • Loaded from above, with closed washing chamber and integrated separate solvent reservoir
  • Operating of machine is only possible with closed machine lid
  • Loading in removable stainless steel basket
  • Washing spray system with oscillating rotating spraying pipes, arranged underneath and on the sides of the items to be washed; fixed spray rinsing system
  • Heavy-duty washing pump/ex-motor unit
  • Removable filters for the protection of the spray system
  • Mesh in washing chamber to protect the washing pump and the tubes
  • Level control switch for integrated solvent reservoir (operating level / maximum filling level)
  • Inner exhaust with heavy-duty ventilator and pneumatically controlled air intake and air mix valves
  • Automatic washing program (SPS); including washing – dripping – rinsing – dripping – exhaust; all program steps can be selected individually


  • Tube rinsing device
  • Safety handbrush
  • Self cleaning device
  • Outside filter replaces inner filter within the machine
  • Automatic locking of lid
  • Pneumatically operated lid
  • Solvent cooling (thermostatic valve, water cooling or heat exchanger)
  • Exhaust
  • Solvent content concentration control and regulator system for connection to an exhaust air puryfier

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Type 130
Type 130
Type 130
Type 130
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