Washing machine type 360

Type 360
Type 360

Type 360

  • Machine to be loaded from the front with closed wash cabin and separate, machine-integrated wash solvent reservoir.
  • Pneumatically driven machine infeed, machine door is designed as machine front; operation of washing machine only possible if door is shut.
  • Machine infeed with powered rollers for the accommodation of the gravure cylinders. Adjustable rollers are powered by external ex-gear motor.
  • Stainless steel catch basins under machine infeed; prevents contamination of floor; moves synchronously to slide-in.
  • Individually designed wash and re-rinse spray system
  • Powerful wash pump / ex-motor power unit
  • Removable filter elements for the protection of spray system, pumps and piping.
  • Fill-level control for the integrated wash solvent reservoir (operation level, max. level)
  • Internal exhaust system with powerful ventilator and pneumatically controlled air-intake and air-admixture chokes
  • Automatic wash program (PLC), includes washing – drip off – re-rinse – internal exhaust. Individual program steps can be adjusted.


  • Self-cleaning device
  • Solvent cooling, alternatively with thermostatic safety valve, water cooler or recooler
  • Workplace vapour extraction
  • Measuring and control system of solvent concentration for the connection to a waste-air purification system

Ideal machine design

  • Integration into existing rooms and cylinder logistics
  • Throughput washing machine with 2 doors
  • Itemization 360-W for aqueous alkaline cleaning

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