Washing machine type CLEANfleX

Type CLEANfleX
Type CLEANfleX

Type CLEANfleX

See Type 100: special features:

  • Suitable for cleaning agents with a flashpoint >55°C or for aqueous agents
  • Non explosion proof, but according to ATEX
  • No explosion proof is required for operation
  • Control unit in switch cabinet placed directly on the machine, which enables a compact assembly without internal wiring
  • Heavy-duty washing pump/ex-motor unit for washing, filling and emptying
  • Suction pipe with flexible hose of stainless steel for filling from resp. emptying into drum
  • Pneumatic lid release after settling time for aerosols


  • Support for anilox rollers
  • Rotating device for anilox rollers
  • Rinsing with agent (> 55°C)
  • Rinsing with water with automatic discharge of rinsing water
  • Exhaust
  • Heating of aqueous agents
  • Thermal insulation of machine housing
  • Suitable for hot caustic

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Type CLEANfleX
Type CLEANfleX
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