Washing machine type SP

Type SP
Type SP

Type SP

  • Robust and user-friendly washing machine for inside cleaning of rectangular and cylindrical containers by brushes and simultaneous spraying with solvent
  • Very good inside cleaning by means of a rotating spray head with pointed spray nozzles, spraying pressure 50 bars
  • Depending on the shape of the container, the operator may choose between a spray head rotating around 2 axes and a spray head rotating around the vertical axis and moving up and down.
  • Separate spraying system for rinsing with clean solvent
  • The spray head is lowered into the container, and the upper container opening closed by the machine lid, by means of a pneumatic lifting frame
  • Sensor for the lid pressure; spraying does not begin until the lid rests tightly on the container
  • Washing solvent in separate container, level switch for filling and draining
  • High-pressure reciprocating diaphragm pump as washing pump, separate pump for rinsing, pneumatic diaphragm pump for draining
  • Edge filter for protecting the high-pressure pump from foreign matter
  • 3 manometric switches for deactivating the high-pressure pump in case of insufficient pressure (e.g. hose break), excessive pressure (contraction of the pressure line) or insufficient suction pressure (e.g. clogged edge filter)
  • Filter with removable basket for protecting the evacuation pump and the solvent tank
  • Automatic washing program: washing – draining – rinsing – internal air extraction; program steps can be selected individually
  • Explosion protection according to ATEX, category 1 (with type examination) for zone 0 inside, category 2 for zone 1 outside


  • Lid versions and adapters for different container openings
  • Outlet cleaning system, manual or automatic
  • Floor pan for the working area in front of the lifting frame / under the lid with the spray head
  • Internal air extraction system, optionally with warm air drying for nonvolatile solvents
  • External air extraction system, supplements/replaces the air extraction in the room/at the workplace
  • Solvent concentration measuring and regulating system for connection to an exhaust air cleaning system

Type SP70

like model SP50, but with the following differences:

  • Washing pressure 70 bars
  • Suitable for water-based/alkaline media
  • Heating of the washing agent, heat insulation of the washing agent container
  • Rinsing with water
  • Explosion protection that is adapted to the washing agent with the washed-off contamination and to the requirements of the installation site

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Type SP
Type SP
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