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We invite you to benefit from our know-how:

We evaluate the economic efficiency of your project in terms of performance, staff requirements, investment costs and operating expenses, taking account of relevant laws, regulations, and directives.

We support you in planning the place of installation, applying for operating licenses and meeting requirements of authorities, and in connecting our equipment to existing or planned exhaust air systems.

On our premises, you will find various washing machines and distillation units for practical tests with the parts/solvent you want to clean. The aim of the washing tests is to find the optimum combination of mechanical and chemical cleaning. All tests are documented digitally and will be made available to you.

Dennis Bayer MSc
Manager Project management and Process Engineering

Phone: +49 (0)6751 - 878 230

Timm Gühl
Application engineering

Phone: +49 (0)6751 - 878 291

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