Distillation unit type ROTO

ROTO components

  • Cylindrical, vacuum-tight distillation vessel made of stainless steel
  • Insulated heating jacket, floor and lower jacket surface with thermal oil and integrated electric heating elements (basic version), or maintenance-free heating (heating temperature max. 130°C) filled with water and equipped with heating elements. Alternatives: connection to a customer supplied warm water-, steam- or thermal oil system.
  • Water-cooled stainless steel condenser
  • Rotating scraper system (rotor), prevents incrustations on the heating surfaces and agitates the material to be distilled
  • Dirt-resistant discharge valve, operated manually or pneumatically
  • Unit on sturdy frame with stairs at the side and an observation platform (accessory for ROTO 9)
  • Discharge height adapted to disposal container and/or 200-l-barrel (on a pallet) (accessory for ROTO 9, standard discharge height 650 mm). Other heights are possible.
  • Optional: adapted residue carriage (only with ROTO 9)
  • Sight glass and explosion-proof halogen lamp for observing the distillation process
  • Automatic filling stop by means of a vibration limit switch and a pneumatic ball valve in the filling line
  • Batch distillation or continuous distillation possible
  • ex proof control elements at distillation unit: for vacuum, filling, heating, rotation of scraper and EMERGENCY STOP
  • control cabinet with programmable logic control (PLC) with text display, input and/or display of chronology and separate times of the functions vacuum, filling, heating, scraper and distilling down


Vacuum unit for lowering process temperatures, with either a liquid ring vacuum pump (for solvents with a flash point > 55 °C) or a liquid jet vacuum pump

  • Residue temperature control system for processing heat-sensitive substances
  • Distillation output monitor for automatic distillation stop when the output drops below a set limit
  • Timer for automatic distillation start
  • Seal plate or exhaust hood adapted to on-site disposal container, optionally with an air extraction system
  • Thermostatic valves if the unit is connected to an on-site cooling/public water supply; separate cooling water devices with separate circuits are available as option.

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