Washing machine type 150

Type 150

  • Machine to be loaded from top with closed wash cabin and separate, machine-integrated wash solvent reservoir
  • Machine can only be operated when machine lid is closed
  • Accommodation of gravure cylinders consisting of two moveable trolleys driven by two pairs of rollers on which the cylinders are placed together with their journals. Rollers are powered by external ex-gear motor
  • Individually designed wash and re-rinse spray system
  • Powerful wash pump / ex-motor power unit
  • Removable filter elements for the protection of spray systems, pumps and piping.
  • Fill-level control for the integrated wash solvent reservoir (operation level, max. level)
  • Internal exhaust system with powerful ventilator and pneumatically controlled air-intake and air-admixture chokes
  • Automatic wash program (PLC), includes washing - rinsing - drip off - internal exhaust. Individual program steps adjustable.


  • Self-cleaning device
  • Automatic lid-locking device, alternatively a pneumatically-operated lid
  • Solvent cooling, alternatively with thermostatic safety valve, water cooler or recooler
  • Workplace vapour extraction
  • Measuring and control system of solvent concentration for the connection to a waste-air purification system

Ideal machine design

  • Integration into existing rooms and cylinder logistics
  • Extension to a combined machine for alternative cleaning of the gravure cylinder and other printing press parts in a mobile wash basket (type 140)

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