Washing machine type 3500

Type 3500

see Type 3400, special features:

  • Double loading capacity through a doubled depth of basket and washing chamber
  • Washing spray system with doubled capacity
  • Optionally with one or two openings for loading
  • One or two lift lids
  • Flap for inspection and maintenance guarantees an easy access to the rear
  • Robust support for basket
  • Drip pan from stainless steel, moves automatically underneath the machine housing when basket is inserted

Accessories – Type 3500

  • Support for gravure cylinder
  • Tube rinsing device
  • self cleaning device
  • Pneumatically operated lid
  • Solvent cooling (thermostatic valve, water cooling or heat exchanger)
  • exhaust
  • Solvent concentration control and regulator system for connection to an exhaust air puryfier

Type 3500W

see Type 3500, special features:

  • Suitable for aqueous washing agents
  • Non-explosion-proof, but according to ATEX
  • Rinsing with water and automatic discharge of rinsing water
  • Heating of aqueous agents
  • Thermal insulation of machine housing
  • Suitable for hot caustic

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