Washing machine type HA / HA-S

Type HA

  • Top-loading machine with closed, stainless steel wash cabin
  • Machine made of stainless steel; operation of washing machine only possible if lid closed; opening only possible after completion of entire wash program.
  • Roll turning and bearing devices consist of two stainless steel axle shafts supported at the front side of the machine; powered by external gear motor.
  • No exact positioning in the machine required; lengths of wash items variable and no adjustments at the machine required.
  • Wash medium system for even spraying of contaminated wash item surfaces with alkaline medium.
  • Wash medium system consists of stainless steel wash medium container under wash chamber, circulation pump and a spray pump system.
  • Wash medium container equipped with instant water heater (temperature up to 60°C), fill-level control (operation level, max. level) and large, removable clarifying filter.
  • High-pressure system for directed spray wash of the wash item surfaces previously treated with the wash medium.
  • High-pressure system is equipped with high-pressure piston pump (pressure 100 bar) with connection
  • to customer‘s water network and horizontally oscillated carriage with high-pressure slot nozzle (travel adjustable).
  • Blower on horizontally moving carriage to remove any remaining water from wash item surfaces.
  • Control (PLC), including control elements and operating state lamps, located in timing case fitted to wash chamber. Automatic wash program includes: Spraying with wash medium – drip-off – high-pressure spray wash with longitudinal axis – blow-off with pressurized air; all operation processes take place while wash item is rotating.


  • Separate water cycle for high-pressure system; provision of warm water in a second, separate stainless steel high-pressure water container positioned under the wash chamber. Use of warm water for high-pressure spray wash; therefore further optimization of wash result und reduction in water consumption.
  • Water container for high-pressure pump including immersion heater (temperature up to 60°C), fill-level control (operation level, max. fill level) and large, removable clarifying filter.
  • High-pressure pump made of stainless steel
  • Clean water rinsing (only when connected to water cycle); includes separate rinsing pipe made of stainless steel, heat exchanger pipe and stainless steel piping.
  • Emptying of machine container by means of diaphragm pump.

Type HA-S

Similar design to type HA, however, with the following differences:

  • Turning devices for rollers / cylinders consisting of two journals with two powered rollers, one journal moveable for different wash item lengths; sleeves can be loaded with end/journal plates.
  • Two high-pressure nozzles on carriage and double the capacity of the high-pressure pump, double carriage speed and therefore half the time /cylinder length for high-pressure cleaning.
  • Larger wash medium container.

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