Washing machine type BKM

Type BKM

  • Strong and simple to use washing machine for inside and (optional) outside cleaning of open vessels with brushes, while at the same time spraying with solvent. Electrically conductive, type – examined brushes according to ATEX, nitrogen inerting is not required
  • Thorough cleaning of vessels inside / outside (optional), even with large vessel diameters by roller brushes and concurrent spraying of cleaning agent
  • Positioning of vessel during wash cycle diagonally downward, so detached contaminants can be rinsed out regardless of size and quality of vessel bottom
  • Tight closing hydraulic door, also used as loading platform (designed as rotating table) in front of machine, driven by external explosion-proof motor. Containercentering by interlocking guide rails at container and door, a locking sleeve and two stripes have to be welded at the bottom of the containers to be cleaned)
  • A sensor checks if the container is locked correctly and then enables door movement
  • Automatic position control for the door: spraying of solvent, and container and brush rotation are only possible while the door is closed tightly
  • The roller brush head moves and is pressed against the container floor, and the roller brush is pressed against the inside surface of the container sides for the duration of several container revolutions; the movement and pressure of the brush are controlled by hydraulic cylinders mounted to the outside of the rear panel, the pressure and speed can be adjusted infinitely
  • Strong washing pump for washing with solvent in close cycle
  • Solvent reservoir underneath the machine, separated from the washing chamber by a flap, (no open solvent
  • when washchamber is open), level sensor for filling and emptying; flowmeter: the brush does not begin rotating until solvent has been sprayed on the container
  • External filter with removable strainer basket, protects the spraying system from foreign matter
  • Explosion-proof hydraulic unit, oil reservoir with integrated pump and all valves and fittings, ex-proof drive motor, power (kW) according to size, motor speed adjustable by frequency converter according to requested brush rotation speed
  • Inner Exhaust through strong exhaust ventilator
  • Automatic washing program with programmable logic control (PLC): washing – draining – rinsing – venting and brush rotation program steps can be selected individually
  • Ex-protection according to ATEX, category 1 (type examination) for zone 0 inside, category 2 for zone 1 outside


  • Roller brush for outside cleaning with conductive polyamide brush segments, type-examined brushes according to ATEX, nitrogen inerting is not required
  • Bottom Outlet Cleaning Device with outlet cleaning nozzle at the upper side of the washing chamber
  • Warm air drying: warm air is blown into the machine chamber by a separate ventilator, the wet surfaces of machine and container are dryed effectively even with high boiling solvents
  • Drying Cabin: This device dries the container without the necessity of sucking off the solvent on the brushes, walls and in the air of the washing chamber. This reduces solvent losses and emissions and shortens the drying time
  • Solvent Content Concentration for connection to a thermal oxidizer system

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