Washing machine type SPF

Type SPF

  • User-friendly washing machine for inside cleaning of barrels and small containers through spraying with solvent
  • Spray pipe with rotating spray head, also suitable for bung barrels
  • The standard version is entirely pneumatic, ready to run after connection to a compressed air supply and, if necessary, to an existing air extraction system, no electrical installation required
  • Easy loading at low working height; the barrels are placed on their sides onto a shell-shaped support
  • The barrel support is swivelled to close the washing chamber
  • Position sensor for the barrel and the barrel support; spraying does not begin until the machine is closed and the barrel has been placed over the spray pipe
  • Dirt resistant pneumatic diaphragm pump as washing pump
  • Closed solvent tank under the washing chamber, visual level indicator
  • Strainer for protecting the container and the pump
  • Pneumatic timer for easy setting of the washing time
  • Explosion protection according to ATEX, category 1 for zone 0 inside, category 2 for zone 1 outside.


  • Filling and draining with the washing pump
  • Automatic filling from the solvent line / with external pump, filling stop with electrical, explosion-proof level switch
  • Air extraction with explosion-proof fan (incl. explosion-proof electric motor)
  • Version for water-based alkaline

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